Creative Analogies

We have all seen analogy questions in this format: “Monet is to painting as Beethoven is to __________.” To play this Creative Analogies, try thinking of analogy questions with no answer; then try to think of an answer.

Creative Analogies

Create an analogy question with three random things. Example: “Dogs are to baseball as sandwiches are to __________.” To arrive at an answer, you cannot simply add a fourth random thing; you must find an actual analogy, strained though it might be. Here, for instance, you might interpret “dogs” as “hot dogs,” eaten while watching a baseball game. Sandwiches might be eaten at a picnic while watching a croquet game, so “croquet” completes your analogy.

This game may be played alone, or with a group, with one person thinking of an “impossible” analogy, and the others attempting to solve it.

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