Meeting in the Middle

A cooperative two player game. Each player announces a random thing simultaneously; on succeeding turns, the players attempt to move toward the thing they imagine is in the middle of the two things.

Meeting in the Middle two women talking playing game shoe tree wooden shoe

Example: After a count of three, the two speak simultaneously. Player 1 says, “Mount Everest” while Player 2 says, “Elvis Presley.” Both try to think for a moment of something “in the middle” between Mount Everest and Elvis Presley. Another count of three, and Player 1 says, “Appalachian Mountains” while Player 2 says, “Graceland.” On the next attempt, they successfully complete the round, as both players say, “Tennessee” simultaneously.

It may sound easy, but one difficulty is that players often get very close to the middle and then begin circling each other, often necessitating a clever strategy to break the deadlock. See how many rounds you and a partner can successfully complete in a row!

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