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Albatross SandwichSituation Puzzles Mind Games AmbigramAmbigrams Newcombs ParadoxNewcomb’s Paradox
Einstein's PuzzleEinstein’s Puzzle SecretSecrets and Padlocks TruelTruel
Coin FlipCoin Flip Paradox Graeco Latin Square 150Graeco-Latin Squares Hot Hand FallacyHot Hand “Fallacy”
Married-Unmarried 4x4 Puzzle4×4 Face Card Puzzle Randomness
Into the Abyss Cross View StereogramCross-View Illusions Every Shuffle UniqueEvery Shuffle Unique Infinite Hotel ParadoxInfinite Hotel
Dozenal Finger CountingDozenal System MOLS to FPPsSquares to Planes Benford's LawBenford’s Law
 Seahorse Color IllusionSeahorse Illusion  Three Knights or KnavesKnights and Knaves  Blue Eyes IllusionBluest Eyes Illusion
Nicolas Cage ProblemNicolas Cage Problem Mirror MessagesMirror Messages Short ParadoxesShort Paradoxes
Drawing a DiamondDrawing a Diamond Different GreenDifferent Green Birthday ProblemBirthday Problem
Creative AnalogiesCreative Analogies Monty Hall ProblemMonty Hall Problem Ranking GameRanking Game
Cheryl's BirthdayCheryl’s Birthday Mirror ProblemsMirror Problems HomonymsHomonyms
Denominator Neglect Grue Problem Distraction Fallacies
Chicken Coop IllusionChicken Coop Illusion WasonBothVersionsWason Selection Task Ronald OpusRonald Opus Story
Simpson's ParadoxSimpson’s Paradox 99 Foot Tall Man99 Foot Tall Man Berkson's ParadoxBerkson’s Paradox
Mandelbrot ZoomMandelbrot Set Glider GunGame of Life Lettuce Illusion
Profit Percentage PuzzlerProfit Percent Puzzle Projective Plane Order 4Projective Planes 60-Sided DieMany Sided Dice
Banana IllusionBanana Illusion Metaphorical CourtroomMetaphorical Court Hempel's Raven ParadoxRaven Paradox

Odd One Out Puzzle

Checker Shadow

Two Envelopes
The Dictionary GameDictionary Game Abstract Twenty QuestionsAbstract 20 Questions Word SquaresWord Squares
Three Card PuzzleThree Card Puzzle Father and EldestBoys and Girls Puzzles Russells Barber ParadoxBarber Paradox
Three Knights or KnavesHardest Puzzle Ever PalindromesPalindromes Hat PuzzlesHat Puzzles
Pirate PuzzlePirate Puzzle The Linda ProblemLinda Problem Three Light SwitchesThree Switches
Mind Games ChromostereopsisChromostereopsis False Positive ParadoxFalse Positive Paradox Animal Wallpaper StereogramStereograms
Kanizsa Square IllusionKanizsa Square
Optical Illusion
Non Transitive DiceNon-Transitive Dice Rock Paper Scissors Lizard SpockRock-Paper-Scissors
Startling Puzzle Snowball Sentences Venn Diagrams
Meeting in the MiddleMeeting in Middle Liar ParadoxLiar’s Paradox Simile GameSimile Game
BuffaloStrange Sentences Gambler's FallacyGambler’s Fallacy What's Wrong?What’s Wrong?
Constrained WritingConstrained Writing ListenAnagramAnagrams The Dress IllusionThe Dress
Two Dice WagerTwo Dice Wager Vatican NounVatican Noun Short Brain TeasersShort Brain Teasers
Mutilated Checkerboard and DominoesCheckers & Dominoes Word Ladder SquareWord Ladders Dark RiftAbsence of Evidence
36 Officers Bridges of Königsberg Baader-Meinhof
Yin YangAntonymy Prisoners and the SwitchPrisoners and Switch OuroborosSelf-Reference

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