Cross-View Stereograms

Cross-view stereograms are a type of steroscopic image that appears to be three-dimensional when you cross your eyes in the right way. To see a 3D effect in the stereogram below, look at it and begin to cross your eyes. Everything in your field of vision will separate into two images, so the two photos will become four. Allow the two in the center to overlap and lock into one image. It will seem to be in 3D!

Into the Abyss 3D Cross-View Stereogram

Create Your Own 3D Cross-View Stereogram

Here’s how to make your own cross-view 3D image:

  1. Choose a scene with interesting depth, including some objects in the foreground and some in the background.
  2. Take a photo of the scene; then move your camera a few inches to the right and take another photo.
  3. In an image manipulation program, switch the photos so that the first photo is on the right and the second is on the left.
  4. Add a black or white border around and between the images. This helps your eyes lock the crossed images in place.

Here are some links to cross-view stereograms that were shared on the Reddit Cross-View forum, and on Imgur.

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For a classic type of stereogram, check out the Magic Eye books.

Magic Eye

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